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Betting and Spectating

The betting system will be set up and paid in ETH, stables like USDC, or if both parties agree by indicating as such, a DeFi yield bearing asset (YBA) such as jEth, GMX, veDPX, etc.
Once the player has the new in-game currency purchased, they can head to the mount racing Stables NPC. From the NPC, they will be presented with a menu that shows the upcoming mount races, in which they will be presented with information on the different mounts that they can bet on. They can click on a specific mount to view stats and details about each mount (Wins/losses, power, speed, defense etc). Below each mount, there will be an option to bet with a minimum value, or they can specify a higher value if they choose. At the bottom of the page, there will be a spectate option for those that don't want to bet but would like to watch the upcoming race.
Once in the betting queue, they can continue to view the mount's racing stats and increase or decrease their bet on any value above the minimum req bet. They can also exit the menu and play around in the lobby until the match starts, where the game will prompt them to join the race. Entering the race is not required. You can always view the results later. After the time is up, the race will begin.
The betting will take place on scheduled event times and all players will be let known ahead of the event. Details regarding the entry fee (bet), and terms for the race, or fight will be set and each player will receive notification a day before the event and notifications will go out multiple times leading up to the scheduled event. In addition we planed to have more pop up style events that bets will be placed based on a first-come first-serve basis as long as the bets are placed before said event. If on the pop up event there are no bets placed the event will not happen.
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