This page is intended to explain all the NPCs in the Agora.
Main NPCs
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*Smithy*-Blacksmith (Dialog insert)
-Temperament: Laxed, low tempo, tired,
-Looks: Older-buff, long beard, white curly-semi bald, raggedy clothes.
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*Tahlia-Marketplace worker (Dialog insert)
-Temperament: Super lively, joyous, slightly seductive
-Looks: Hot, brunette, Long dress, richy jewelry
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*Phil (Philoctetes)- Training ground trainer (Dialog insert)
-Temperament: Hot headed, slightly rude, encouraging
-Looks: short, kinda buff, kinda chubby, goat man
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*Iris- Stable keeper (Dialog insert)
-Temperament: tomboyish, sweet, funny
-Looks: Slightly dirty, tall, brunette, tomboyish but cute
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*Atticus- Colosseum grounds keeper (Dialog insert)
-Temperament: Up tight, solider like, rude
-Looks: very tall, very buff, blonde, middle aged
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*Socreates- Circus Maximus worker
-Temperament: Funny, light tempered
-Looks: Avg height, slim fit, brunette,
Sub NPCs
*Adonis- Village philosopher
*Phillip- Town religious figure
*Apollo- Town guard
*Stavos- Village begger