Each match will contain 4 to 8 players and will take place in an oval arena. It would be possible to have multiple types of tracks with more complex twists and turns. The first MVP plans to focus on one map and one design too perfect the other game design elements. As the game sees more and more players, we will continue building new and exciting tracks to keep the game fresh and alive.
The first map chosen for the MVP will be a Zeus-themed track. We decided on a Zeus theme because he is arguably the mightiest and most well-known of all the Greek gods. Though Zeus is not the only high-profile God to make it to our design scope for potential tracks. Here are some examples of the others thus far: Ares Stadium, Medusa Petrified Ruins, and Hade's underworld Stadium.
Initial Concept of the Zeus map theme
The map designs we have above are mostly just themes at the moment, and the overall goal is to come up with more than just oval-shaped maps. In order to allow for a more exciting driving experience. These are more to show what type of environmental hazards and themed race tracks players might face, and the overall feel they will get from the maps.
Ares Stadium (Future Concept)
Hades Stadium (Future Concept)
Medusa Petrified Ruins (Future Concept)
For map selection, since there will be more than two maps, we would like to allow players to pick or vote on which map they would like to play on (similar to how COD did their matchmaking). If a map is a tie based on votes the game would choose a map at random
Each match should typically last anywhere from 5 to 10 mins. The number of laps will be reflected around this time frame. A good guess would be anywhere between 5 to 15 laps. Ideally, we want to keep matches short, so we don't need to develop massive comeback mechanics that could interrupt skill-based play.
The current design is centered around two different game modes that we intend to support. One mode would be more racing-focused, allowing players to reset after their chariot is destroyed or their gladiator is killed. As well as a more hardcore mode that would be geared towards only having one life that puts you as a spectator for the rest of the race when you are killed.