Ambrosia is the central governance token of HOO's platform. It is an ERC20 token that can be used to enter races and fights and staked for rewards, and mediates all economic flow within the platform.

Nectar Liquidity Pool

The Nectar Liquidity Pool (NCLP) is an index of ERC20 tokens that allows for easy token swapping, HOO platform reward payouts, and the ability to earn rewards by providing liquidity. It serves as the counterparty to players racing and fighting against gladiators and chariots in HOO's platform games.

The pool will initially consist of $AMBR, $esAMBR, GMX, jGLP, GLP, jUSDC, xRDO, wETH, wBTC, USDC, and USDT tokens, though additions are subject to change. More partner assets will be incorporated over time in a sequential manner in order to maintain relative stability. The pool maintains specific target weights for each token to ensure optimal liquidity. Minting NCLP requires depositing a supported token to acquire tokens, which are automatically staked and start earning rewards. Match and race entry and payout fees for using each token are adjusted based on its balance relative to the target weight, with lower fees for underrepresented tokens and higher fees for overrepresented tokens. NCLP holders earn rewards in the form of additional $esAMBR tokens and (predominantly) platform fees distributed in ETH or USDC based on their share of the liquidity pool and their payout preference.

Bridging and Omnichain Support

Omnichain support for Halls of Olympia is seamlessly integrated through the LayerZero omnichain interoperability protocol. With this integration, users gain the ability to transfer project tokens, such as $AMBR, and project NFTs across multiple supported chains. The supported chains include Arbitrum, zksync Era, and BNB, allowing for enhanced flexibility and accessibility.

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