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Gladiatorial Combat

This portion of the game is meant to be the highlight of Halls of Olympia. This Olympic spectacle is set to be an (arena-battler) style game. Where players will be competing against one another in order to earn glory, money, status, and equipment.
There will be different game modes to cater to different player bases, those who would like to play competitively in the PVP, or PVE and be more grindy / hands-on, and those that would prefer to bet on matches to earn money from the betting system, and take advantage of the rental staking and earn money by renting out there NFTs to other players.
Either way this game mode is designed to truly engage and bring players together in this grand sport that was once the cornerstone of sporting events.
There can only be "One winner", "One legend", "One Champion". Will it be you!
The Arena awaits!